Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bernhardt Family Reunion - August 6 & 7, 2011

Yes! It’s Bernhardt Reunion time again. Time is really flying by. We hope that you will be there and bring your whole family. Activities have been planned for all ages.

As years pass and our numbers grow, we move farther from our roots, losing contact with many family members. The reunion, that our great grandparents initiated over 50 years ago, was an attempt to strengthen family ties. We honor those intentions by working to maintain those family bonds and attending the family reunion.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves, after all, the Bernhardts are a fun lot. Let’s get to know our relatives, introduce our children to their Bernhardt cousins and have a great time. If you and your children don’t enjoy the reunion, we are doing something wrong and it needs to be changed, so get involved and let us know what you want to do. We hope the activities planned for this year will be fun and give you a chance to reconnect with your family.

Are you enjoying the JC Bernhardt blog? If you haven't seen it, please check it out at You’ll find lots of pictures and stories from the past, recent family news and plans for the reunion.

Please let Glenna Sears know of births, marriages and deaths so that they may be recorded.

If you have any questions please contact me at or call 704-797-8964.

Here are the plans for this August. Please let your family members, whose contacts I may not have, know of our plans.

I hope to see you soon!

Karen McConnell

Saturday, August 6

  •  North Carolina Transportation Museum Tour (Spencer, N.C.) 4:00 pm
 We will meet at Barber Junction Station, which is the first building you come to when you enter the Museum grounds and parking area (off North Salisbury Avenue/ Spencer’s Main Street), at 4 pm. Glenn Ketner has arranged for the admission fee to be waived for our group. The tour will take about one and a half hours and will include the Roundhouse, the simulated Wright Brothers “first flight” plane, vintage train engines and cars, the “Back Shop” and special exhibits in the Museum proper. I believe the tour will have something of interest for young and old and all those in between. Please let Glenn know if you would like to join us. A head count would be helpful but you can still come if you have not made reservations. You can read more about the museum at
  •  Hendrix Barbecue - 6 pm - Dutch treat supper.
Join us at Hendrix, about a mile North of the Museum entrance at 615 North Salisbury Avenue, Spencer. Again, a head count would be useful and you can still join us even if you don’t take the tour of the Transportation Museum. Email Glenn if you would like to join us. Don’t hesitate to come even without reservations.

Sunday, August 7

  •   Worship Service – 10:30 am - St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC
 Covered Dish Luncheon –12:30 pm - St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

 A entertaining and educational program is being planned by Stan Sebastian; and we know those are always fun. Activities for the younger set are planned as well.

  •  Tour of the 1845 John Crawford Bernhardt Home – 2:30 – 350 Glover Road, Salisbury, NC

 A tour of the house with some juicy family stories and gossip will be given by the Leo branch of the family.  You will have a chance to sit and talk. Beverages and what dessert might be left from the church will be served. Yard games will be available for the young and young at heart.

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