Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carlyn Earnhardt Bernhardt Childhood Memories

I was born March 11, 1917 in Faith, North Carolina.  My parents were Hannah Hartman Earnhardt and John Earnhardt. My maiden name was Carlyn Louise Earnhardt.  My mother was reading a continued story in a magazine called The Home Comfort and there was a character in it named “Carlyn”.  She liked the story and the name so I got the name, Carlyn.  I was the third of seven children.  I had three brothers and three sisters. Our home was a two story bungalow type house located on Glover Road.
We had an ice box in the smokehouse.  The ice man would come one time each week and mother would buy a block of ice.  We seldom had “sodas” but the ice box was used to keep our milk and dairy products cold.  When my father was living we had our own electric power plant.  No one else around us had electric lights.  After Daddy died Mother was not able to keep up the light plant so we had to use kerosene lamps.  We were still using lamps when I started dating but we finally got electric lights.  Daddy was a building contractor.  The last house he worked on was the Wallace house near Rowan Memorial Hospital.

As told to Brenda Hoffner Bernhardt

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