Friday, March 26, 2010

Some in Luther League Picture Identified!

My dad received a small folder with several pictures, including this one, and a finely written note from St. Paul’s when he was overseas in WWII. That would have been in 1944 or so. Is that how your copy of this picture was stored? When I found it a couple of years ago I looked at the picture with a magnifying glass and identified several people. I don’t recognize the woman on the far left but the woman between her and your mother is Annie Lee Webb. She’s the one who wrote the note to my dad. On the other side of your mother is Rachel Fesperman and the woman sitting on the lower step next to her is Oleba Sebastian. I think the young man farthest back is Sidney Ray Bernhardt, but his face is not as clear as theirs. He would have been 17 or so at the time. I believe the woman sitting farthest back just in front of the men may be Rebecca Sloop, Rachel’s older sister.

Glenna Sears

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